Our Compliance & Accreditations

At Printer Maintenance Ltd, we take pride in our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, data security, and occupational health and safety. Our accreditations reflect our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of our operations.


We are proud to hold the following ISO certifications

This certification demonstrates our commitment to providing a high level of customer satisfaction and a strong customer focus.

This certification attests to our dedication to environmental management and our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

This certification validates our robust information security management system, ensuring the secure handling of sensitive information.

This certification shows our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.

Data Security

We offer Blancco data erasure services, providing certified data destruction for your peace of mind.

We also provide hard drive destruction services, ensuring that your data is completely irretrievable.

Nationwide Collection

We offer a free nationwide collection service, making it easy for you to dispose of your waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Tracking and Reporting

Our vehicles are fully tracked, allowing us to provide accurate collection times.

We also offer full asset auditing, tracing, and reporting, giving you complete visibility of your waste from the moment it leaves your premises until it is disposed of or recycled.

GDPR Compliance

We are fully GDPR compliant, ensuring that all personal data is handled in line with the regulations.

ICO - Information Commissioner's Office

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for Printer Maintenance Limited

For Printer Maintenance Limited, being registered with the ICO means that they are committed to protecting the data of their customers and employees. They adhere to the regulations set by the ICO, which includes ensuring that personal data is processed lawfully, transparently, and for a specific purpose. Once that purpose is fulfilled and the data is no longer required, it is expected to be deleted.

Cyber Essentials Certified

Cyber Essentials Certification for Printer Maintenance Limited

Cyber Essentials is a United Kingdom government information assurance scheme operated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) that encourages organizations to adopt good practice in information security. It includes an assurance framework and a simple set of security controls to protect information from threats coming from the internet.

Being Cyber Essentials certified means that Printer Maintenance Limited has taken necessary precautions to secure their IT against cyber threats. This includes measures such as using firewalls, securing configuration, controlling user access, protecting against viruses and other malware, and keeping devices and software up to date.

This certification demonstrates Printer Maintenance Limited’s commitment to cybersecurity, protecting both the company’s data and that of its customers. Please note that this is a general explanation of the Cyber Essentials Certification and may not reflect the specific practices of Printer Maintenance Limited. For the most accurate information, please contact directly on 01606 74238.

T11 Exemption

T11 Exemption for Printer Maintenance Limited

For Printer Maintenance Limited, this means they are permitted to collect waste computers and other electronic equipment, sort them into items that can be repaired and those that cannot, repair some items, and dismantle the rest to be reused as parts. This exemption aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

Environmental Agency Higher Waste Carrier Licence

Environmental Agency Higher Waste Carrier Licence for Printer Maintenance Limited

The Environmental Agency Higher Waste Carrier Licence is a UK government requirement for businesses that transport, buy, sell, or broker waste. This includes businesses that carry waste as part of their main business or who carry construction and demolition waste.

For Printer Maintenance Limited, having a Higher Waste Carrier Licence means that they are authorized to transport waste as part of their business operations. This is particularly relevant given their work with second-hand and refurbished printers, parts, and accessories.

The licence demonstrates that Printer Maintenance Limited is committed to responsible waste management. It ensures that the waste they transport is handled safely and responsibly, and that it is disposed of correctly.

Certificate of Incorporation

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VAT Registration

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Employees & Public Liability

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